GA Post 233 History

Forming of Post 233:

On November 11, 1946, a group of nine organizers from Atlanta, Georgia, headed by Lloyd Bettis, met with a group of people interested in organizing an American Legion Post at Loganville, Georgia.  After several inspiring talks from the Atlanta facilitators, a charter was applied for and the following men became Charter Members of Post 233:

GA Post 233 Charter Members
A.L. Sellers William L. Bennett Ben O’Kelley Jr.
Ben O’Kelley Metz J. Conner Dewey B. Still
B. F. Robertson Jr. B. F. Robertson Sr. J. Harold Byrd
Gerald T. Hodges Doff Wilson James O. Pitman
R. H. Hanson William Robertson Donald E. Garrett
Patrick G. Stevens James E. Coker Chester H. Watson
Edwin D. Edwards Billy S. Langley Ben H. Hodges
Charley R. Garrett W. L. Briscoe Roy D. Briscoe Jr.
J. R. Sellers Donald E. Langley Alton W. Langley
Robert Byrd Otis L. Briscoe Ezra T. Rolader
Thomes E. Gilreeth Charlie W. Atha George D. Garrett
Robert M. Connor Charles H Langley William Sellers
Lewis E. Clay S. B. Stevens James L. Wood
S. F. Johnson J. W. Darby

Buddy Bill Todd from Post 1, Atlanta, Georgia, gave a talk that sent every one away anxious to go to work.  He also passed on a challenge and a goal to strive for that stuck in the mind of each member.  “I expect to see this post become the biggest little post in Georgia.”  So, it was on November 11, 1946, in the Loganville High School Gymnasium that Post 233, Department of Georgia, the American Legion, was officially organized.

A complete history of GA Post 233 Gratefully Dedicated to Commander Bobby Boss was compiled by SGM Stephen L. Linngren, U.S. Army (Retired).